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Preparing for a Swimsuit Shoot


  • Swimsuits - duh! I bring some too with liners for your protection, but you may want to bring thong liners also.
  • Hiking Shoes - there is a lot of walking to get to some great locations in nature and many times it will be over ruff terrain.
  • Water Shoes - there are rocks, mud, bugs, and glass sometimes underwater so you probably want to protect yourself.
  • Towel - for drying and big enough to change in, although I sometimes bring a pop-up changing room.
  • Backpack - it may be a hike to get to the location and you'll need to carry your stuff. I'm already carrying too much.  You may want to add water and protein bar snacks too.
  • Fleece Sweatpants and Jacket - first you don't want anything tight leaving marks on you while traveling to the shoot location.  Being wet also means being cold, especially since you will be in very cold water many times or in rain, etc.  You may think you are warm natured and don't need it but you will!  Fleece is needed!  It keeps you warm when wet while other fabrics do not.
  • Other Stuff - remember to travel light, but if there are things that may lend to success of a shoot, by all means bring them.  You can always leave them in the car if they won't be needed.  You may want to bring wipes, comb, brush, some makeup for touch up, cool sunglasses, accessories, jewelry, shirts, dresses, etc.
  • Sleep - Many times these shoot required getting up very early to get to the location for the best light.  Make sure to get lots of sleep so you look fresh without dark circles.
  • Hydration - Drinking alcohol the night before a shoot can leave you and your skin looking like it's just hanging on the skeleton of the undead.  May sure you are well hydrated so you skin is smooth and fresh.  You may also need hydration to hike to the shoot location.
  • A Tan? - Most models think they must be tan for a swimsuit shoot. Not true, it all depends, ask your photographer. Tan models lean towards pinup while untanned models lean towards high fashion. Don't tan right before a shoot! It will be blotchy. If you are going to be tan during your shoot develop one over time in a safe manner either fake or real. The less lines usually the better.
  • Smooth Legs - The key here is to have them without lots of razor burn. Don't shave an hour before the shoot. Use razor burn or bump eliminator! This can be found in most discount beauty stores or pharmacies and if used right after shaving it prevents razor burn. It may hurt ... sorry.
  • Moist Skin - You should have glistening moist skin as a model and do a regular regiment to maintain that. Prior to a shoot you should have no flaking or ashing and have a light coat of light moisturizer.
  • Makeup, Hair, and Nails - Consult your photographer for each shoot, but in general on location swimsuit shoots don't necessitate the need for a makeup artist and hair stylist due to the nature of the lighting and distance to the model.  At a minimum come with light natural makeup that can be added too.  Waterproof makeup is a plus.  It doesn't matter too much what color your nails are as long as they are painted so that the color can easily be changed in editing.